God’s Timing


joseph-jail-discussionThe cup-bearer forgot Jospeh. After two years Pharoh had a dream. God’s timing is perfect. God’s plan was different for Joseph than what he had desired. Had he received freedom with the help of the cup-bearer, he would have been freed to become an ordinary person.

The seven years of prosperity was about to start and at that instant Pharaoh had a dream. The magicians and wise men of Egypt were unable to interpret it. That is when the cup-bearer said to Pharaoh, “Today I know my fault”. Then he told about Jospeh who could interpret dreams. He was brought to Pharaoh, and was able to interpret the dream. Pharaoh made him in-charge of palace and everyone had to submit to him.

At times we are unable to see God’s plan for our future. So we unnecessarily worry about everything. But God’s time is perfect and He will bless us beyond our imagination.