Heaven is near!


Charles Spurgeon the British orator one day stood by the bank of river Thames in England and was preaching about the reality of heaven and hell. Soon after his message, one of the audiences came to him asking a question: Why are you preacher confounding the hearers by your message saying that there is a literal heaven and hell while in fact they are not? He also added that Heaven and hell are here on the earth itself and no such places are there after the life.

Looking seriously on the man for a moment Spurgeon replied: No, there is neither heaven nor hell here on the earth. He said; Look at here, the beautiful river Thames is flowing through this place but You know? What my Bible says about hell? There is not even a drop of water in hell.

He opened his Bible and said him from Luke 16, that the rich man begged Abraham to send Lazarus to him to quench his thirst with a drop of water. But there is no water there but water here is plenty. He also added, that there is no heaven here for in heaven No toddy shop, no prostitution, No Cinema Hall nothing of such sort.

Then he said man there is life after death for every man whether you believe or not. The man asked him again: Where is it and how far it away from here. He said Its only one foot down.

The man was amazed One foot down heaven he startled?

Yes! Spurgeon said heaven is surely one foot away from you.

You heard What I spoke about Heaven and hell. You perceived it in your brain. Now let it come one foot down to your heart and you believe, you will be in heaven.

Yes, my friends heaven and hell are one foot away from you. You simply believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him to your heart as your Saviour, the very moment you are saved and you are now in Heaven. if you do not believe, You are in hell. no doubt!