How can one deal with jealousy?


Jealousy is not exactly the same thing as coveting, but is very close. Jealousy involves harboring ill feelings towards another human being because of the person’s possessions or achievements or something that we want for ourselves but don’t have. We have feelings of ill will toward these people because we covet what they possess.


Let me add one more factor, that jealousy is one of the cardinal sins of which the scriptures speak so frequently. I think one of the reasons jealousy is such a serious matter to God, though it may not be so serious to us, is that at the root of feelings of jealousy toward other people is an unspoken , assumed criticism of God.

We are, in a sense, expressing our dissatisfaction with the fact that God has been pleased to allow other people to have things that we do not have or to achieve things that we haven’t achieved.

Instead of being grateful for the things God has provided for us- the gifts, talents, and possessions- in our jealousy we not only hurt others but we are silently attacking God in His sovereignty and in His mercy. We need to look at it in its fullness if we are going to have the impetuous to overcome it.