Not popular but incomparable


Here is a man stands in the midst of the history dividing it in to two equal part, AD and BC. He is a man of History and without Him is no history at all. He was born in a small remote village called Bethlehem of a small Country of the then known world. His Foster Father was a carpenter and His mother a devoted house wife. He was born and brought up like any other child of his community.

He had no specialties in his early childhood. The first thirty years of His life was so silent saving only three times He was spoken of . On the eighth day of his birth, He was brought to the temple in Jerusalem as usual to every male boys born in a Jewish society to offer sacrifice on his name. Second occurrence was at the age of twelve, He revisit the temple with his human parents. And thirdly, at the age of thirty, at river Jordan to be baptized by the hands of John the Baptist. besides these three incidents the rest of his early childhood and adolescence remain a mystery. Nothing is spoken about him except the fact that he submitted to his parents in total obedience and was growing in grace and wisdom.

He had no academic caliber, yet people called Him Teacher. He had no medical College training, yet people called Him great healer. He had no military power, yet people followed him and accepted him as their King. He had no agriculture or granary, yet he fed thousands with bread. He had no popularity among the people, yet He was worshiped by thousands.


Who was this person? He is Known as Jesus Christ the Son of God. He was sent from God Almighty to become a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. At the age of thirty three and half, He was brutally crucified by His own people on a cross. Jews and the Romans of His days thought that Jesus of Nazareth ended up his history on the cross. He was buried with a Jewish burial. His tomb was sealed by the imperial authority. His grave was deployed by army men to watch against robbery or resurrection.

BUT, on the third day He was risen from the grave. God who handed over Him to the cross, raised His son from the dead!. Thus He was victorious in His death. On the Fortieth day of His resurrection, He was ascended to heaven and now seated at the right hand of His Father in Heaven. Currently, He is preparing a place for His people. Soon He will come back as he had promised His disciples. My question to you this morning: Are you prepared to meet Him at His coming.?

He had no popularity when He visited this planet first. But he is going to come for the second time. Once He came to seek and save that which was lost . Now He is coming to collect that which is His own (Those who accepted Him as Saviour) He is the incomparable Christ, the man Christ Jesus. Right now, open your heart and accept Him to your life. Then you will have courage to stand before Him when He appears. Let your decision be made right now. A chance delayed may be construed as a opportunity rejected. Oh! What an incomparable person is My Lord! He is unique and to compare with Him none But He himself!. Every knee shall bow before Him and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. That moment is not too far away.