Nothing Is Impossible With God


miracle-of-the-quail12 Lakh people were in the wilderness. They wanted to have meat, because they said they were fed up with the honey-tasting manna. They approached Moses and said, ‘It is better for us to be in Egypt as slaves of Pharaoh because at least we have proper food and meat’. Moses told it to God and he complained how he could provide meat to these 12 lakh people. God said, ‘you tell the people that they will have meat tomorrow’. True to His word, the 12 lakh people received meat — not for
one day but for an entire month.

We might be praying for a job, a house, children’s marriage, that dear ones would accept Christ, children, food, peace, restoration of backslidden ones, help from the attacks of others, or any other need. Nothing is impossible for God. Our God is a God of impossibilities.

“The Lord answered Moses, is the Lord’s arms too short. You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you” Numbers 11.23